The message of a fan to Daisuke Takahashi: “Rest well and then go as high as you can!”

Daisuke's fans in Nice, at the 2012 Worlds (the Japanese won the silver medal)

Daisuke’s fans in Nice, at the 2012 Worlds (the Japanese won the silver medal)

These are tough times for Daisuke Takahashi’s fans. The skater has recently suffered an injury on his right leg – and this piece of news was followed by both disappointment and a chorus of supporting messages: “Daisuke’s fighting spirit, humility and artistry are just some of the reasons his fans admire, respect and love him so much”, “At the end of the new road after two weeks, we will discover a greater and stronger Dai-chan”. A Japanese admirer of Daisuke agreed to share her thoughts regarding the skater’s injury and his road to the Olympics in Sochi, next year. Many thanks to Naoko for this wonderful and extremely sincere insight into her fears and hopes.

by Florentina Tone

„On the Olympic season, media follows Daisuke much more than they ever do. On an interview with Shizuka Arakawa, gold medalist in Torino, Daisuke said that he was struggling with his jumps, especially with the quad; that he almost lost his confidence to compete. It’s a hard thing to aim to go to Sochi – those were his words before NHK Trophy.

After NHK, he might have felt a little more confident in himself and said: «I came to a start line to Sochi. I’ll go for Gold». His fans – of course, me among them – welcomed these words! But a few days later, on a TV interview, he talked about the Grand Prix Final: “All I need is the jump. Aiming Gold I cannot miss at all”. There was no power at all in his words; I felt that he’s having a hard time to be ready to compete and have a good performance. And then that happens! [n.a. – the injury] Mean people say: «He’s too old to compete, this is an era for the newcomers, choose the youngers. He only needs rest because of his age». These words are from the web and, of course, our thoughts for this very special athlete are not at all like that.

On November, he published a book. It’s about his road to Sochi. He says that after 2012 NHK Trophy, the pain from his right knee came back. He always had a boot trouble – and maybe that’s the cause of those troubles.

Figure skating is a feast for the eye, but how hard this sport is! Looking at the athletes over 25 (just a youngster in social life), almost all of them have several physical trouble! The top skaters – Joubert, Weir, Plushenko, Lysacek, Kostner, Takahashi – are all struggling for their performances. And I root for all them! I admire Menshov for his performance: he is over 30! I’d like to say to Daisuke: rest well and then go as high as you can!”