A happy boy in Budapest: Javier Fernandez

Javier Fernandez did it again: he won the European title in the men’s event, keeping the continental crown for one more year. And what a night this was for this talented, but very shy and modest skater from Spain, running to embrace his parents after the medals ceremony. His joy and good-humor were purely contagious: you should have seen Javier, leaning like a ballerina and skating with a Spanish flag in his arms in front of his Russian fellow medalists; you should have seen his wonderful large smile while posing with his Spanish colleagues – and with his coach, Brian Orser (almost a Spaniard by now, since he’s always wearing the red-yellow jacket of team Spain); and you should have seen Javi hurrying to his parents, friends, relatives, to get a joyful group hug. One thing is sure: the numberless figure skating fans from Spain are definitely partying tonight; and they should: they have a wonderful skater representing them in Sochi, in less than a month from now. And Brian Orser must be proud too: he has a gold mine in Javier Fernandez.

Here is the photo-story of Javier’s joy. Enjoy it; I sure did when taking the pictures.

by Florentina Tone

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