Team Savchenko-Szolkowy-Steuer made history in the pairs’ event

For years on end, the pairs’ event was all about these talented skaters representing Germany – and about Ingo Steuer, their innovative coach, bronze Olympic medalist in Nagano-1998, alongside Mandy Woetzel. In the last decade, this fabulous trio made wonders on the ice and their programs were to me the highlights of the entire discipline. In a figure skating event dominated by technique, Aliona and Robin were artists – and it couldn’t have been a better way to end their career together than a ballet on ice, skated on music from “The Nutcracker”. Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy will skate together for the very last time at the gala “Imagine on Ice”, in Chemnitz, on the 26th of April – but what stays in the minds of many are their gorgeous performances that changed the pairs’ event forever. Take, for example, masterpieces like “Pina” or “Out of Africa”, but also courageous, delightful programs like “Send in the clowns”, “The Pink Panther” or “Flamenco Bolero”. As a farewell to their amazing career, here are some colorful glimpses into their story on the ice, in the last couple of years. Enjoy.

by Florentina Tone

At the 2010 Worlds in Torino, in the short program, Aliona and Robin played the part of two clowns (music: “Send in the Clowns”, program choreographed by Ingo Steuer)

1 2010 Worlds IMG_7738 copy

2 2010 Worlds IMG_7739 copy

4 2010 Worlds IMG_7759 copy

2010 Worlds in Torino: the free program was skated on music from the movie “Out of Africa” (choreography by Ingo Steuer)

5 2010 Worlds IMG_8856 copy

6 2010 Worlds IMG_8807 copy

7 2010 Worlds IMG_8869 copy

8 2010 Worlds IMG_8880 copy

9 2010 Worlds IMG_8885 copy

11 2010 Worlds IMG_8890 copy

2010 Worlds in Torino: medals ceremony (Aliona and Robin took home the silver).

12 2010 Worlds IMG_8926 copy

13 2010 Worlds IMG_8932 copy

14 2010 Worlds IMG_8976 copy

2010 Worlds in Torino: small medals ceremony.

15 2010 Worlds IMG_9405 copy

17 2010 Worlds IMG_9414 copy

2012 Worlds in Nice. Short program: “Angels&Demons” (choreography by Ingo Steuer).

18 2012 Worlds IMG_6563 copy

19 2012 Worlds IMG_6570 copy

2012 Worlds in Nice. “Pina”, a golden performance.

20 2012 Worlds IMG_8106 copy

21 2012 Worlds IMG_8111 copy

22 2012 Worlds IMG_8143 copy

24 2012 Worlds IMG_8171 copy

2013 Europeans in Zagreb, short program skated on “Kismet” by Bond (choreography by Ingo Steuer)

25 2013 Europeans IMG_4469 copy

26 2013 Europeans IMG_4467 copy

27 2013 Europeans IMG_4471 copy

28 2013 Europeans IMG_4472 copy

29 2013 Europeans IMG_4475 copy

2013 Europeans in Zagreb: “Flamenco Bolero” (choreo. by Ingo Steuer) and a silver medal for Aliona and Robin

30 2013 Europeans IMG_5161 copy

31 2013 Europeans IMG_5162 copy

33 2013 Europeans IMG_5167 copy

33 2013 Europeans IMG_5203 copy

2013 Europeans in Zagreb: small medals ceremony.

34 2013 Europeans IMG_6080 copy

35 2013 Europeans IMG_6081 copy

36 2013 Europeans IMG_6093 copy

37 2013 Europeans IMG_6099 copy

2014 Europeans in Budapest: short program, skated on “When Winter Comes” by André Rieu (choreo. by Ingo Steuer and David Wilson).

39 2014 Europeans IMG_3908 copy

40 2014 Europeans IMG_3948 copy

41 2014 Europeans IMG_3966 copy

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