Lorenza Alessandrini and Simone Vaturi: their journey together came to an end

At the end of the Olympic season, the Italians Lorenza Alessandrini and Simone Vaturi decided to part ways

At the end of the Olympic season, the Italians Lorenza Alessandrini and Simone Vaturi decided to part ways

This has literally been a devastating off-season for the figure skating fans all around the world: a lot of couples in the pairs’ and ice dancing disciplines parted ways, for various reasons; and, if we took into consideration only the ice dancing event, we could name the bronze Olympic medalists Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, the promising Victoria Sinitsina and Ruslan Zhiganshin, the Lithuanians Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas, the Ukrainians Siobhan Heekin-Canedy and Dmitri Dun, the Russians Ekaterina Riazanova and Ilia Tkachenko. Furthermore, on April 24th, the Italian skater Lorenza Alessandrini announced on her facebook page the end of her partnership with Simone Vaturi, adding that she hoped to continue her competitive career: „Unfortunately, Simone and I will no longer compete together. That really saddens me and, despite all the difficulties and the sacrifices that an athlete has to face, my passion for this sport is still alive. I would love to find a new partner to compete with at a high level and, though it’s not easy to find the right person, I still have hope and I’ll try my best to make it happen”.

At the end of a seven-year partnership, Inside Skating invites you to relive chapters of Lorenza and Simone’s career; the following photos were taken at the 2010 Worlds in Torino (the Italian couple was invited to skate in the Gala), at the 2012 Worlds in Nice (16th place) and at the 2014 Europeans in Budapest (19th place for Lorenza and Simone).

Photos taken by Florentina Tone

2010 Worlds in Torino: Gala

1 2010 Torino Gala (5)

2 2010 Torino Gala (2) copy

3 2010 Torino Gala (3) copy

4 2010 Torino Gala (1) copy

5 2010 Torino Gala (6) copy

6 2010 Torino Gala (4) copy

2012 Worlds in Nice: Short Dance

7 2012 Nisa SD (1) copy

8 2012 Nisa SD (2) copy

2014 Europeans in Budapest: Short Dance and Free Dance

9 IMG_0998 copy

10 IMG_1003 copy

11 IMG_0986 copy

12 IMG_1013 copy

15 IMG_2020 copy

14 IMG_2023 copy

16 IMG_2002 copy

17 IMG_2158 copy

18 IMG_2155 copy

19 IMG_2159 copy

22 IMG_2169 copy

INTERVIEW Lorenza Alessandrini: „I would really like to find a good partner to continue skating with”