Flying hearts at Kings on Ice Olympic Gala

Let’s turn back time for a minute, shall we? We’re on October 7th, around 15:00, in Bucharest, at Sala Polivalenta, a few hours prior to Kings on Ice Olympic Gala. The skaters, all 14 of them, are learning the choreography of the Finale, as conceived by Ari Zakarian. Edvin Marton’s piece, “Triumph”, acts as the soundtrack, the skaters are joyful and funny and I feel just like watching a wonderful movie – “The Making of Kings on Ice”.

by Florentina Tone

To start with, Ari instructs the skaters to show a heart that beats, gets kissed – then flies; and Stéphane amuses himself with this particular scenario: he acts like his heart is too heavy to fly and, consequently, falls on the ground. And then he poses dramatically for the Finale, spreading his arms in the air. There’s laughter everywhere – and Brian has his hands on his knees with amusement.

“Let’s start again”, says Ari – and, in 30 minutes time, the whole cast will learn the choreography. Tomas seems to be in great shape, highlighting the musical accents with a step sequence made up on the spot, Evgeni is giving an interview to a local TV, Stefania’s smile lights up the room – and I’m taking tons of pictures to eternalize the joy. Here they are: the work, the jokes, the enthusiasm, the road to the all-in-white Finale of Kings on Ice Olympic Gala.

IMG_2710 copy

IMG_2711 copy

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Videos from the rehearsals – Tomas Verner seems to be the star of these particular recordings.

…and here it is; the result of the afternoon’s efforts. The Finale.

IMG_3673 copy

IMG_3688 copy

IMG_3696 copy

IMG_3703 copy

IMG_3722 copy