Art on Ice 2019. Iconic skater says goodbye to iconic show

“Mon Amour, avant de m’en aller, je tenais à t’écrire ces mots depuis le perron de la gare. Une partie de mon coeur reste pour toujours à tes côtés…”

Towards the end of his skate to James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover”, Stéphane Lambiel sits on a bench placed on the ice of Zurich Hallenstadion and writes a couple of words in a notebook.

And those words sparkle, one by one, on the big screen behind James Blunt and his piano.

Surely, they go along with the song, the emotions of it – the Swiss masters the ice and the emotions like no other – but, ten days later, in Basel, during the very last show of Art on Ice 2019, we’ll find out there was more, much more, behind those beautifully handwritten words in French.

“Today marks the end of 17 fabulous years of touring with Art on Ice. The great memories together will be forever with me – Thank you! It is time for me to close this chapter as I focus on creating new and different projects on the ice, in Switzerland and abroad. Thank you for all your support!”, Stéphane wrote on his instagram account, ending his Art on Ice story, but confessing – on a large screen in every city: Zurich, Lausanne, Davos and Basel – that a part of his heart will forever stay with this iconic show.

True words: for years on end, you couldn’t envision Art on Ice without Stéphane Lambiel. And you didn’t need to – he was always there.

And while Stéphane is ready to open new doors, Art on Ice will follow its revolutionary path, live music, skating and exquisite staging, especially with its 25th anniversary next year. Art on Ice 2020 will take place in Zurich, Lausanne, Basel and Davos from 6th to 16th February.


This is a journey into this year’s edition of Art on Ice, named “Time to Time”, as seen through the lens of Alberto Ponti. In the limelight: the opening show in Zurich, on February 7th.

Apart from Stéphane Lambiel, Art on Ice 2019 featured Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot, Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, Kaetlyn Osmond, Misha Ge, Elena Radionova, Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin, Elladj Baldé, Emmi Peltonen, Ivan Righini, Elena Jovanovich and Nodari Maisuradze, Clément Pinel. This year’s guest stars: James Blunt, Stefanie Heinzmann, Momento and Cirque Éloize.


Missed her? We sure did. Elena Radionova, at Art on Ice 2019

Emmi Peltonen, skating to “Next To Me” by Momento

Now that’s a long expected guest – Misha Ge debuts at Art on Ice, skating to “Love Yourself” by Momento

Stefanie Heinzmann

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin have also joined the cast of Art on Ice this year

Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot are “On Fire”, as Stefanie Heinzmann’s song says

And there you have him, skating his first program in the show: Stéphane Lambiel (to “C2C”, by Stefanie Heinzmann)

Group number during Art on Ice show – and you surely recognize Elladj Baldé on the first row

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov skate to “Little Universe” by Stefanie Heinzmann

2018 World champion, Kaetlyn Osmond, making her debut at Art on Ice…

…and Ivan Righini is there to greet Kaetlyn

Cirque Éloize, a stunning addition to the cast this year

Elladj Baldé and his trademark back flip

It’s time for Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov again, skating to “Pray For Me” by Momento

…while Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin skate to James Blunt’s “1973”

James Blunt

Elena Radionova, and her embodiment of James Blunt’s “Bonfire Heart”

Elena Jovanovich and Nodari Maisuradze, impressive skate, full of tricks, to James Blunt’s “Postcards”

Misha Ge, skating to James Blunt’s “Same Mistake”

Kaetlyn Osmond and Clément Pinel

“Goodbye My Lover”, James Blunt sings in Zurich Hallenstadion, while Stéphane Lambiel says his own goodbye to the show (although the audience is not aware of it at the moment…)

“You’re Beautiful”: Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot at Art on Ice 2019

Cast of Art on Ice 2019 says Thank You and Goodbye; first on the right, Stéphane Lambiel.

And since Stéphane’s announcement was followed by so many emotional messages, allow us to share some of them.

“Thank you, Stéphane, for all of these inspiring performances on the ice during these years. It’s always a big pleasure to see you creating something new, both on ice and off the ice. So good luck to you. We love you”.

“Merci pour toutes ces belles années! Hier soir à Davos, ta prestation était touchante. Tu nous communiques ta joie de patiner. J’espère avoir des prochaines occasions de te voir patiner. Mille merci”.

“I can’t imagine Art on Ice without you, Stéphane. But since you decided so, we can only accept that! I’m sure you have great plans that you can brilliantly accomplish! Best of Luck to you in all your endeavors! Thank you for the magic”.

“Thank you to @slambiel a million. I was touched by your incredible and fantastic performances at Art on Ice shows every time. Words can not describe my feelings. Wish you good luck, and I am always on your side. I looooove you so much!”

“Good-bye sounds sad. But your Good-bye is full of your love. Stéphane, bon voyage!”

“17 years for you, 13 for me as a live viewer. Thank you, Stéphane, for so many inspiring years! So much joy, tears, emotions. Goodbye my lover!”