Photos that you feel. Women and their stories at 2022 Grand Prix of Espoo

Mai Mihara equals JOY. Yes, capital letters are needed – Mai’s joy while skating is contagious.

These photos are here because we like them – and because we want to share them with you before new season starts.

They carry meaning, purpose and intention – they come to you through gestures and emotions.

In focus: the women’s event at 2022 Grand Prix of Espoo, Finland.

Featuring: Mai Mihara, Loena Hendrickx, Mana Kawabe, Rika Kihira, Madeline Schizas, Lindsay Thorngren, Anastasiia Gubanova, Bradie Tennell, Jenni Saarinen, Janna Jyrkinen, Linnea Ceder and Eva-Lotta Kiibus.

The moments captured will come to you in layers, scattered here and there – and if you feel you need some anchors, just click on each photo for name and segment of the event. We say to you though: you won’t need them – these photos tell the stories by themselves.

Ready for a photo-gallery that feels like a whole journey of discoveries?


Photos taken by Askar Ibragimov in Espoo/November 2022

To follow: Pairs, Ice Dance, Men

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