Photos that you feel. Pairs Spectacular, 2022 Grand Prix of Espoo

Greta Crafoord and John Crafoord: the anatomy of a lift

Anastasiia Smirnova, eyes wide open, no shade of a doubt, while being carried by partner Danylo Siianytsia

We want you to look at these photos and have the same reaction that we had.

And that’s a Wow! I love this one! And what about this ONE!

Truth is, the pairs’ photos breathe a distinct air of power and athleticism – the pairs’ photos are spectacular.

Because how on earth can you be so convincing, so in sync with the story, the character, while simultaneously perform difficult lifts and twists and jumps and death spirals with so much ease?!

No doubt: we’re in awe with all the pairs skaters out there, their grit and their commitment – and this photo-gallery from 2022 Grand Prix of Espoo celebrates it all.

Featuring: Rebecca Ghilardi and Filippo Ambrosini, Alisa Efimova and Ruben Blommaert, Anastasiia Metelkina and Daniil Parkman, Anastasiia Smirnova and Danylo Siianytsia, Daria Danilova and Michel Tsiba, Nika Osipova and Dmitry Epstein, Anna Valesi and Manuel Piazza, Greta Crafoord and John Crafoord (click on the photos for the names and the segment of the event).

Photos taken by Askar Ibragimov in Espoo/November 2022

To follow: Ice Dance, Men

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